Retaining Walls Mooresville

Retaining Walls Mooresville


Retaining walls have more value than many residential home owners realize. A properly installed retaining wall will add beauty to a lawn, increase the usable lawn space and increase the equity of the property.

A residential lawn typically has 1/4 to 1/3 acre of land, in which the home resides along with the landscape foliage. A retaining wall used to add beauty will increase the land space by incorporating planters and vegetation, thus adding flowers in areas otherwise impossible to enhance.

Many lake shore lots have a sloping lawn, adding a retaining wall will allow for leveling and stair-stepping or sectioning of lawn previously not accessible. The rock wall can be constructed in sections or as a larger single wall with access to the shoreline.

Retaining walls and trees are not a good mix, be mindful of where you add trees to your property, the roots of a tree can compromise the integrity of the wall and cause it to fail.

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