Project Overview

This was a major project which required designing the landscaping for a large water feature that we had created, on our own, in our back yard. Our project has three ponds and two waterfalls over 100 feet long. Victor and his crew landscaped the entire project as well as installed a separate patio and hardscape. In addition, he designed and installed new landscaping to the front of the house. He also, cleaned and pruned multiple other areas. The project required rerouting the existing sprinkler system and adding major drip systems for the new plantings. The project started late last year. It was our request to have part of it completed before we finished the waterfalls. Victor completed the project(s) in May, 2009 just after we completed the ponds. The project has substantial plantings as well as a number of large full grown trees. It also required some sodding and lots of lawn repair work.