Some quick questions to determine YOUR level of lawn care service:

  • Do you view your lawn as much more than just something to cut and trim on Saturdays?
  • Have you ever thought how one plant or flower integrates with others on your property?
  • Does the PH of your soil really matter?


  • How much will it cost?
  • Can I get a discount if I Like you on Facebook?
  • Do you offer coupons?


If you believe that your lawn is a place to relax and enjoy then then you probably answered Yes to the 1st set of questions.

If you just want it cut to keep your HOA off your back, then the latter set of questions probably apply to you.


We are professional horticulturist with extensive training and a degree from NC State, the most highly regarded college majoring in horticulture.


Landscape Concepts


Horticulture Professionals vs the Mow Blow Go Guys

Horticulture Professionals vs the Mow Blow Go Guys