Bark Blowers Albemarle

Bark Blowers Albemarle


An Exclusive service offered by Landscape Concepts Inc.

 Mulch or bark blowers can apply a wide variety of mulches like shredded hardwood, wood chips, pine bark mini nuggets and other similar bulk materials. Applications include commercial and residential mulch beds, slopes, public gardens, playgrounds, parks, rooftops, and mall interiorscapes where precise placement of bulk material is required.
Blowers allow mulch application on virtually any terrain, delivering needed materials to hillsides, tough terrain, and all hard-to-reach areas – even in wet conditions. It also handles bark mulch with high moisture content with ease. Unlike traditional mulching methods (wheel- barrels, tractor, etc.) there is no tracking of lawn or messy driveway clean up. Plants also benefit from this method because compaction in planting beds is minimal, only one employee and light flexible hose is needed to install mulch.

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