Flower Gardens

Flower Gardens


Spring and summer are of course our busiest time of the year, but also the most satisfying. Flowers have a way of enlightening your spirit and soul and nothing compares to a manicured flower garden. Flower gardens are my guy’s favorite projects, not just because there is no heavy lifting or major shovel work, instead it’s the end result of the garden. As the landscape explodes with color and majesty, it brings forth a sense of accomplishment and pride that we had a small part in this remarkable revelation.

Deciding on which flowers to include in your garden can be confusing, there are millions of choices. Let’s talk about your soil first, your soil will dictate what will or will not flourish in your garden. We can add/remove soil and change the composition of the gardens soil, but the fact remains, flowers flourish in their preferred environment.

Sun or better said, the amount of sunlight, on your garden is a factor also. Various types of vegetation thrive with lots of sunlight, while others prefer limited light. Depending on your gardens location and the amount of sunlight will help choose flowers that will grow and bloom best in your flower garden.


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