Landscape Concepts has your irrigation solution. Victor Smith is a graduate of North Carolina State University, with a degree in landscape horticulture. His education enables your lawn and plants to be professionally cared for and treated according to their needs. Irrigation is the main component to a properly functioning low maintenance landscape.

Landscape Concepts have professional irrigation technicians to install a system on your property. Every technician is trained in the proper installation, size, and water flow needs of lawns and landscapes.

Planning an irrigation system is a complex process. Landscape Concepts will streamline the design process and help you determine the best irrigation system based on your needs. The 6 major steps to Irrigation Design are outlined below.




  1. Collect Information
    a. Measure your yard
    b. Measure your PSI (lbs. per square inch) and GPM (Gallons per Minute)
  2. Select your Equipment
    a. water meter
    b. back flow preventer
    c. main lines
    d. connecting lines
    e. valves
    f. sprinkler heads
  3. Choose your Sprinkler Head Placement
  4. Choose your Pipe route / Hydro-Zones
  5. Choose your Pipe size
  6. Adjust your System – adjustments are critical to the system functioning properly.

Contact Landscape Concepts today and let us design a flawless irrigation system for you.